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What Does the Future Hold?

In History, Opinion on March 2, 2010 at 14:57

by Becky Hottle

What Does the Future Hold? (The View from 264 BCE)

Although the Punic Wars are coming, I believe that there is a hopeful life ahead. In that future, everyone would be treated equally in Rome. The Struggle of the Orders was ‘resolved’ a long time ago, but many people are still being treated unfairly.

I hope a new invention will come soon to help us with farming. The wheel and the plow help enormously, but maybe something could be made that would help us not only plant the crops, but harvest them. It is so tiring harvesting all of our crops in the fields. As far as culture goes, I feel that — by one means or another — the Roman way of life will be introduced to many other civilizations and nations. We have a different view on many things, and I hope it translates into the future. As a Roman civilian, I look forward to changes, but hope we still keep the Roman culture alive.

What Does the Future Hold? (The View from 2010 CE)

By looking at the world around me today, I can’t predict what is going to happen. Not that anyone can, but I can’t even begin to think about how our world can go through more change than right now.

Brand new technology is being created that makes life so much easier. Computers, newly improved cars,and new tools all help us to do the things we do every day.

But all of these things really make me wonder if we really need them.

People back in Rome and Greece didn’t have our materials, but their civilizations were very successful and powerful. I just know in the future, I do not want to lose what we have today to new and improved technology.